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The purpose of ARTEMIS is to develop and optimise alternative materials for a new generation of European MEAs which could be integrated into a 3 kWe High Temperature PEMFC stack, while reducing cost and increasing durability. HT-PEMFC technologies are very promising due to their high operating temperature range (classically 150-180 °C) allowing few percents of CO without irreversible performances losses.
New membrane, electrocatalyst, support, and bipolar plate materials will be then developed specifically for application as a range extender for transportation application.

A HT-PEMFC-based electric generator could then possibly be integrated into a vehicle by using available liquid fuels (LGP, gasoline, methanol, etc.), allowing a more rapid access to the automotive market.
The range extender option is a realistic and incremental introduction of fuel cell technology into the automotive sector.
Start date: 01 October 2012Duration: 36 months
Cost: € 2.5 millionFCH-JU funding: € 1.7 million
Contract type: Collaborative ProjectFCH-JU grant n°: 303482
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