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  •  WP1: Project management
  • WP1: Project management aims at providing efficient project coordination in order to achieve the project objectives.
  •  WP2: Specification, Protocols Definition
  • WP2: focused on the definition of testing protocols, and on their use for characterisation of membranes, electrocatalysts and MEAs. Warm-up, break-in procedures, start-up and shutdown, operation conditions typical of range extender application are defined.
  •  WP3: Membrane & Electrocatalyst Development, Degradation Studies
  • WP3: aims at the development of a novel route to novel acid doped PBI type membranes, and of anodic and cathodic catalysts especially designed to withstand the requirements of high temperature operation. Modelisation tools will help to develop a mesoscopic model for simulating the mechanisms of performance degradation.
  •  WP4: Complete MEA Elaboration
  • WP4: It is focused on the elaboration of complete MEAs and the optimisation of MEA processing at pilot level.
  •  WP5: Stack Conception, Components Fabrication and Validation
  • WP5: Stack conception, design, fabrication and validation aims at the assembly of 0.3 kWe stacks in a first stage and a 3 kWe stack.
  •  WP6: Fuel Cell Testing: Single Cells and Stacks
  • WP6: the goal is to evaluate the MEAs elaborated using novel materials; membrane, catalysts and bipolar plates. Single cell and Stack testing.
  •  WP7: Dissemination, Outreach and Use
  • WP7: Dissemination, outreach, exploitation concerns the project dissemination (public web site, conference presentations) and the exploitation and use of the project results.
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